Sunday, March 11, 2012

November 22, 2011 Baby Bast Gender Reveal

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was nice and warm, the mountains were sprinkled with snow, everything was gorgeous!

11am on the dot, I chugged two bottles of water, 32 oz, per doctor's orders!

I walked into the Women's Medical Group with my mother in law at 11:54, signed in and sat down. We were both beyond excited. I was already anxious to use the restroom.

They called my name and we walked into the ultrasound room eager to see Baby Bast and to hear the baby's heartbeat! The ultrasound technician was the sweetest! I explained to her that I didn't want to find out the gender before my husband did.

I asked her to check the correct box and seal it in an envelope so that when Chris called later that day, I would open it, and we would find out together!

I laid down on the bed, and she went to work! My mother in law began recording on my Canon, in no time we got busy ooing and aahing over the baby! Squealing with delight, and were even speechless at times. My mother in law could not believe how clear the 3D images were on the screen!

I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat, watch the baby wiggle around, and see some thumb sucking action! It was amazing.

When it was time for the ultrasound technician to look between the legs and find out the sex, I turned away, closed my eyes, and fought to look at the screen. I wanted to know soooo badly!!

After a dozen pictures, a ton of measurements, a dead camera battery, and a recorded heartbeat later, we were done!

I ran to the restroom while the technician marked my card and taped my envelope shut! No peeking on my part! We said our goodbyes, we said our thank yous, and left the office.

My mother in law and I decided on Korean BBQ for lunch and hopped on the interstate, hungry for some good food! Just as we exited the freeway, my phone rang! It was Chris! I answered the phone and was bombarded with "SO?! WHAT IS IT?!" I quickly explained to him what I decided to do and that I didn't even know yet! I swiped the envelope out of my purse and teared at the tape.

"YES, I'm ready! What is it?!?!"
I opened the card and there it was! Next to "GIRL" was a box marked with bright orange!
"It's a girl? Really? I knew it." He laughed and I swear I heard him almost cry!

The phone was full of static, it was difficult to hear his reaction, but after a few more minutes, we got cut off. He had been waiting up to call. Our last phone call, he asked me what time the ultrasound would be and I told him 12 noon, (that means it would be 12 midnight, his time).  He had called me at 12:35 pm my time. Eager, excited husband (:

So there you have it! It's official!
Kaya Audrey Bast! <3

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